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What are we looking for? We are looking for Men, age 21 - 38, with great bodies, cocks, and personalities to appear in hardcore videos. We cast Men that are into: hardcore, masculine, bareback or fisting, aggressive, verbal, sweaty, man on man sex. You should be a natural exhibitionist who loves to be watched fucking or getting fucked, has an open an uninhibited sexual attitude, along with a worked out body, a big dick. We work with both HIV Positive and negative models. All applications are considered. So, if you are not sure that you fit what we are looking for, just fill out the application and let us be the judge.

Please fill out ALL sections and the REQUIRED pictures. All models will be interviewed on camera via SKYPE, or in person in NYC.

Contact Information

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You MUST include 3 specific photos with your application. Please take photos seriously, as they are the primary tool for us to judge your fit with our company. Also please refer to the guidelines below ... Cell phone/mirror pictures are ok as long as they are clear and show your full body and face. Remember hard cocks look better than soft cocks.
Picture requirements:

1)naked full body front showing face, body and hard dick
2)naked full body from behind (showing ass)
3)close up face (no glasses)

Personal Information

Height (inches/cm):
Weight (lbs/kg):
Body-type (please select):

Sexual Preferences

Dark Alley Media and RawFuckClub.com ONLY film bareback sex and/or fisting.

I identify as:
The following preferences should refer to what you are willing to do on camera, as a performer ...
Position for Fucking:
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Position for Fisting:
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Can you Cum inside your partner while fucking him?
Do you have trouble staying hard?
Can you be double penetrated?
Do you take loads in your ass?
Are you interested in being gang banged?

Other Preferences

Tell us anything else you would like us to know about what you get into sexually ...
Describe the kind of men you are attracted to. Include all races and body types.
Describe in as much detail as you want your fantasy porn scene.

Porn Resume (optional)

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If yes, please list the last 5 adult videos you have appeared in, the year and studio: