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Dark Alley Store . Cunt Wreckers [The Folsom Pig Fest] -- Hardcore
Cunt Wreckers [The Folsom Pig Fest] -- Hardcore

Cunt Wreckers [The Folsom Pig Fest] -- Hardcore

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Studio: Dark Alley Media

Starring: Matthieu Paris, David Castan, Ben Armstrong, Fist Absolute, Aaron Giant, Albert Victor, Brent Bow, Cristian Torrent, Mike Butt, Raw Leatherpigs

Themes: Raw, Bareback, Muscle, Leather, Toys, Fisting, Group

Directed by: Matthias von Fistenberg

Running Time: 102 minutes

Date(s) of Production: 2008/09/05 & 2008/10/18

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Dark Alley's "Cunt Wreckers" features a new batch of leather clad Łber-studs that donít just want to fuck; they have the primal urge to completely destroy man-cunt until itís fucked out, sloppy and dripping with cum. Watch as these super power-fuckers wreck each otherís holes with their monstrous cocks, mammoth-sized toys and thick-meaty bear-paw fists. For the true hardcore lover into rough, raunchy and nasty MAN sex; trust us, you donít want to miss this all-out CUNT ATTACK.

Scene 1

For you greedy pigs, watch as seven leather pigs drain more milk out of one another than a dairy farm. As they fuck, suck, fist, and breed one anotherís holes with hot thick cum. Filled with great bareback shots, watch as they take turns on the greedy bottoms who are there to serve. Forcing their cocks down their throats, building up as much sweat as cum, these bottom boys are not done until all the guys have shot their loads deep into their asses.

Scene 2

Mike Butt is up for any challenge, especially when it comes to seeing how much he can take up his ass, and David Castan is more than willing to help find out. At first David shoved a huge metal object into Mikeís ass preparing it for an even bigger black dildo. As Brent Bow is finally untied, he knows itís only because David Castan wants to have better access to his ass and mouth. Along with a friend, David begins to tease Brentís ass with a fist dildo. After a little work, Brentís ass opens up like the Grand Canyon. David and the rest of the guys take advantage of Brentís gaping hole, shoving whatever toys they can find deep into his manhole.

Scene 3

The great thing about orgies is that there is always plenty of cock and ass to be used. These studs take full advantage of the situation, shoving their cocks into any hole that is open. As they take turns fucking and sucking one another, you will feel like you are in the middle of the action. With plenty of up-close shots of raw fucking and cum swallowing action, you can almost feel the sweat dripping on you as these guys go at it with one another.

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