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Gang Fucked

Gang Fucked

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Studio: Dark Alley Media

Starring: Matthias von Fistenberg, Owen Hawk, Adam Burr, Camron, Collin O'Neal, Daxx Reed, Double R., Jake Corwin, Jay Scorpio, John Brosnan, Komplex, Marcello Masko, Paris, Rick Gonzales, Sebastian, Supreme, Tim Rusty, Lars Svenson

Themes: Anal, Raw, Bareback, Studs, Twinks, Gang Bang, Group, Muscle, Three Ways

Directed by: Matthias von Fistenberg & Owen Hawk

Running Time: 106 minutes

Date(s) of Production: 2005/03/01, 2006/02/01, 2008/05/29, 2008/11/09 to 2008/11/16
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It wasn’t easy, but Dark Alley Media sifted through our extensive collection of flicks and compiled 4 of our best fuck fests to prove one thing; we really know how to get "Gang Fucked". From our instant hit "Mutiny [Shipmates' Revenge]' to our politically sexual "Crude [Drill Baby Drill], we’ll show you just how we give all our bottoms the whole nine. Another sure hit is Aidan Shaw’s hungry hole taking eight cocks from every possible angle in our "Raw Fuck Club"-hit "Load Factory". Last - but certainly not least -, Owen Hawk and Matthias von Fistenberg’s gang bang by some industry heavyweights is definitely not to be missed! Watch as all these studs have their asses and mouths used over and over in hardcore Dark Alley fashion. There are plenty of hard dicks, eager holes, milky cum shots, and hot man on man action. So invite the gang over, cuz it’s always more fun with more cocks.

Scene 1 (from Mutiny [Shipmates' Revenge])

Sailors Matthias Von Fistenberg, Owen Hawk, Tim Rusty, Rick Gonzalez and Jake Corwin are tired of being taken advantage of…well sort of…ok not really. But they want to prove a lesson to their Captain who is always bulling them around. So the guys make a plan to drug him and show that they can aren’t gonna take it anymore. Fisting Master Matthias Von Fistenberg wakes up naked after being drugged. His muscular ass is bent over the table completely exposed and vulnerable to his crew to use and studly Owen Hawk is the first one to take advantage of Matthias ass. The guys take turns using Matthias’ ass and mouth using every method to degrade him. Matthias takes all four guys hard thick throbbing dicks in his ass as they cover him in sweat, spit, and cum.

Scene 2 (from Load Factory)

Cum slut Aiden proves in this scene that he is going for the cum dump of the year award with power breeders Austin Shadow and Lars Svenson working his hole. After they ream him wide open Ben Armstrong and Adam Burr show him a thing or two about how to work out a load. Things get interesting when the sling is brought into the picture and Aiden works a couple more loads out of the breeders.

Scene 3 (from Crude [Drill Baby Drill])

Alone in an Alaskan oil refinery, Daxx Reed and Paris are looking for something to entertain themselves. Marcello Masko, a horny Latin, is available and doesn’t mind letting the guys use him for their own person use. As they take turns feeding him their large cocks, it’s as if Marcello doesn’t know which stud to focus on. Luckily Daxx solves that problem and starts to suck Paris off while Marcello sucks him off. These guys are so into on another that they barely notice hottie Jay Scorpio walking in on them. Not one to be left out, Jay’s ebony meat can use some attention, and Daxx and Marcello take turns feeding on their ebony meat. Soon these guys are in a heated 4 ways with mouths sucking and asses getting filled. As if he knows his place within the group, Marcello gets on his knees and takes all four guys one at time until they pump their loads deep in his ass. Marcello plays with his hole feeling the fresh hot cum dripping out of his ass.

Scene 4 (from The Show)

Tired of same tired and predictable reality shows? Then tune into The Show. This is the show MTV wishes they could do. Take a few hot, horny guys competing to see who’s the sexiest. Judges Owen Hawk and Matthias Von Fistenberg sample the contestant’s talents and skills to see who has the biggest amount of skills. These guys have huge dicks and Collin O’Neal, proves black men aren’t the only ones with big cocks. Owen and Matthias take turns sucking each guy off, getting their dicks harder and bigger. Both judges take their work serious and devour each contestant giving them their individual attention. Knowing they shouldn’t rush to decide on who is the best, the judges decide to sit their decision and begin to take each guy’s huge meat up their asses. They get pounded by each guy trying to prove they should be crowned winner, and soon the guys bust their loads over the judges. This is going to be a tough call…watch and find out who the winner is.

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