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Hole Abuse -- Hardcore

Hole Abuse -- Hardcore

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Studio: Dark Alley Media

Starring: Matthias Von Fistenberg, , St. David, , Amir, Berlin FFucker, Marco, William Wallace

Themes: Anal, Bareback, Cum, Dungeon, Fucking, Fisting, Group, Gym, Hairy, Leather, Masks, Raw, Rubber, Smooth, Studs, Submission, Tattoos, Toys, Muscle, Sling, Three Ways

Directed by: Matthias von Fistenberg

Running Time: 143 minutes

Date(s) of Production: 2009/04/21, 2009/05/24, 2009/06/18, 2009/08/04
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After two years of eager anticipation, Dark Alley's very own unstoppable, irreplaceable Fisting Führer is back to fill the void in the hardcore world with a European Fisting Odyssey. Von Fistenberg hosts some of the hottest fisting pigs from Berlin, London and beyond in hot and heavy hardcore action, raw fucking, toys galore, backrooms, fuckswings and baseball bats! The truly hardcore never die ... and Master von F. is back, inked and ready to prove it. Keep an eye open for our new Exclusive horse-hung pig from hell: St. David.

Scene 1 (Barcelona)

Sporting some hot tats, Matthias Von Fistenberg is back and his hole needs some attention. He and St. David are about to give each other's holes a real hard workout. Matthias' jockstrap can hardly contain his raging cock as invites St. David to worship his body. These two muscle men are all action as they take turns stimulating each other's bodies. Matthias quickly takes control of the situation and dominate St. David making him beg for his attention. With nothing but spit, sweat, and cum, watch as these two suck, slap, fist and fuck the hell out each other another. Matthias is even able to dominate even when he's getting his ass fisted and fucked. He is in complete control and St. David knows he better not disobey or he will pay the price.

Scene 2 (Berlin)

William Wallace and Berlin Fucker can't keep their hands off each other as they kiss and play with each other's nipples. Berlin drops to his knees and swallows William's huge uncut dark meat, savoring the foreskin making his dick seem to grow even larger. William bends Berlin over and shoves his raw dark dick deep into his manhole, teasing him at first with just the tip and then shoves the whole thing in. Matthias Von Fistenberg can smell sex a mile away and quickly joins the guys. As he takes both guys uncut dicks in his mouth at the same time, it makes you wonder what other double action he can handle. Watch as both guys have Matthias' legs in the air, his ass exposed, and their fists greased.

Scene 3 (Berlin)

Matthias Von Fistenberg just can't get enough. Luckily, sexy stud Amir is around to lend a helping hand. Their thick dicks slapping into each other, and their asses ready for rough raw fucking, these guys are a perfect match. For every suck, fuck, and slap, they return the favor making sure they both are left satisfied and filled. Matthias rock hard dick never goes down, especially when Arab stud Amir shoves his meaty hand up his muscle hole until he shoots his load and spreads it all over Matthias' ass.

Scene 4 (London)

Marco needs to be trained, and Matthias Von Fistenberg is just the guy to do it. As if he's not worthy to be seen in public, Matthias has Marco in a leather mask to remind him of his role. Marco is eager to learn but definitely needs to be taught the rules if he is going to be rewarded a beautiful cock and ass like Matthias'. First lesson, open your throat and don't stop...cause Matthias' thick dick is going down all the way and he doesn't care if you choke, it's all about his pleasure. Next is how to take a raw dick – and Matthias knows all about that. He spits on his cock, bends Marco over, and shoves it in. To continue the training, Matthias uses a bat to open his boy's hole up, shoving it deep. As a reward, Matthias allows Marco to fuck and fist him, which only reminds Marco that training must continue until he can take a fist ... or two!

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