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Bareback Whores

Bareback Whores

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Studio: Raw Riders Studios

Starring: Valentin Petrov, Joshua Chandler, Michael Hengst, Sebastian Cortes, Yansel Washington, Marcos de la Fuente, Omar Franco, Lars Svenson, Cristian Bellasante

Themes: Bareback, Raw, Studs, Muscle, Twinks, Big Cock, Three Ways

Directed by: Lars Svenson

Running Time: 85 minutes

Date(s) of Production: 2009/06/07 & 2009/08/22 to 2009/08/24
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Lars Svenson returns with "Bareback Whores"; exclusive hunks and a brothel of hung and horny international men. Featuring four of the hottest, grittiest scenes on one DVD, Valentin Petrov makes his bareback debut, drilling his 10-inch Russian cock into newcomer Joshua Chandler's tight hole in a fuck frenzy threesome that assures Raw Riders Studios is here to stay!

The best thing about being a whore is that you donít waste time with foreplay!! These hot studs get right down to the bare basics. Join in the action as each sexy stud slides their raw cocks into one another, filling each other with their warm, thick loads. This action packed movie has hot, hung, horny guys ready to show you how itís really done.

Scene 1

Omar Franco is in a mood to get his dick wetÖluckily latin stud Marcos De La Fuente is around to help his buddy. Marcos wastes no time devouring Omarís dick. With each gulp, Marcos gets Omarís dick wetter and harder. As Omar slides his dick down into his buddyís throat, Cristian Billasanti is walking by and wants in on the action. At first heís a bit shy, but watching Omar getting the blowjob of his life makes him jealous. He joins the two guys and Marcos canít decide which cock to focus on. Good thing he doesnít have to because both boys take turns shoving their cocks into his mouth until they are dripping with spit. Like the greedy whores they all are, taking turns getting their dicks sucked isnít enough to satisfy their carnal needs. Omar bends Marcos over and slides his throbbing cock into his eager ass as Cristian Billasanti face fucks Marcos. The boys switch positions as they pump Marcos from both ends, their raw cocks erupt shooting hot, creamy cum all over Marcos body.

Scene 2

What better way to wake up then with your dick in a hot mouth. German stud Lars Svenson wakes up to having Sebastian Cortes worshipping his beautiful dick. Lars lies back in bed watching his hard dick slide into Sebastianís luscious lips. The two make out briefly and then flip each other sucking each otherís cock, but Larís dick is at full attention and he canít wait to fuck his boy. He starts by teasing Sebastianís hole with his tongueÖgetting it nice and wet. Lars shoves his big meat up Sebastianís ass, his balls slapping up against him as his cum begins to build up. Lars is a true whore and wants the moment to lastÖhe flips Sebastian over and does him doggy styleÖpounding him with full force. He slides his dick out just in time to shoot a nice load right on Sebastianís used hole. This is what Sebastian wanted and shoots his own load all into Lars mouth savoring every drop.

Scene 3

Omar Franco and Yansel Washington are two horny whores always looking for a hot time. Yansel canít wait to suck Omarís dick, his thick lips slide up and down every inch of his cock. Wanting more, Yansel climbs on top of Omar and rides his raw meat inside his hungry hole. He then gets on his knees and begs to be fucked more. Omar takes no pity on him and pounds him over and over teasing his ass, which only makes Yanselís dick even harder. Eventually, Yanselís sweet ass is too much to take and Omar shoots his seed all over Yanselís chest.

Scene 4

Joshua Chandler is in his bed waiting for Michael Hengst to come over. Practically undressed, these boys donít waste time and get right to some hot, steamy action. But waitÖwhatís better than having a fuck buddy? How about two fuck buddies. Valentin Petrov joins the guys and they all take turns sucking and fucking one another. These sexy studs know how to suck dick canít wait to prove it to one another. Joshua and Michael 69 each other, leaving Michaelís ass exposed and vulnerable to Valentinís throbbing dick to slide right in. The harder, deeper, and faster Valentin pumpís Michael, the more Michael goes down on Joshua. Valentin switches and begins to fuck Joshua without mercyÖdrilling his hole until he climaxes covering Joshua in cum.

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