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Pigs Don't Stop

Pigs Don't Stop

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Studio: Dark Alley Media

Starring: Matthias Von Fistenberg, Tommy Hawk, Christian Hezzog, David Nova, Oliver

Themes: Pigs, Fisting, Sex, Bareback

Directed by: Matthias Von Fistenberg Running Time: 207 minutes Date(s) of Production: 09/11/2010
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When these pigs start playing, it's all or nothing - and they don't quit easily. They play hard, they play raw, they play deep, and they play long; clocking in at over 3.5 hours of fucking and fisting. Pure smut, helmed by Mathias Von Fistenberg, this film documents a sizzling play session between these scorching hot men, without interruption or boring acting. Real, raw and pushing the limits of your deviant imagination as Dark Alley does best.

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