Ambush on the Rocks

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CONTENTS: Gargantuan Turgid Cocks, World Class Talented Asses, Fucking, Breeding and Seeding, Cum Eating, Felching, Cock Sucking, Cum Play, Double Fucking, Self Sucking, Huge Toys, Rimming, Major Watersports, and Hot Fuckin’ Dick Wadd-style Man Pigs.

Two hot, hungry bottoms get their holes pounded and double fucked by two of the hugest, hardest, most beautiful fuckin’ dicks on earth. Bad boy Jed Pisston and statuesque Joey Milano get ridden, driven and pounded into the rocks by unrelenting Austin Shadow and Aaron, who together pack 19 inches of hungry cock. Meanwhile, onlookers gather, cheer Shadow and Aaron on, and piss all over the bottoms, who make a valiant effort not to be broken. Shadow and Aaron add new meaning to the old adage, “They tore him a new asshole!” Pisston and Milano, two major power bottoms, are ridden, put away and used so hard they literally cry, whimper and beg the tops to stop. Our hungry power bottoms have more than met their matches in Shadow and Aaron. The conflict between their love of huge man cock, periodic inability to endure the pain, and their pride makes this torrid scene even hotter. At the end of the scene, Shadow dumps his first monster load of the day in Pisston’s ass, felches it out and shares it with him.

Flex Deon Blake feeds insatiable Scorpio his big, PA’d cock, slippery paw and a few humongous dildos. Scorpio’s ass also snarfs Jed Pisston’s and Eric Scott’s rods down like hors d’ oeuvres. Scorpio’s gaping pig hole is nothing short of amazing. He takes anything anyone can give: huge cocks, thick fists and massive toys. At one point, after his ass has been stretched by a 20″ x 10″ dildo, he takes Austin Shadow’s and Aaron’s 19 inches in one of the hottest double penetration scenes ever filmed. I popped a nut watching the underbellies of those two monster cocks rubbing up against each other inside Scorpio’s hot, wet ass. Aaron and Austin Shadow popped their nuts, too. Later, Scorpio shot the biggest load I’ve ever seen, and it flew no less than 3 feet in front of him.

Built, blond, boyish, but all-man Ken Byker feeds and sucks piss throughout the flick and takes one hell of a mean pounding.

Cocks on the Rocks is one of the wettest films I’ve ever seen as well. The piss flies through the air, into hungry throats, equally hungry assholes, and saturates every single pig in the film. Not a drop is ever wasted.

Throughout the film, giant ropes of cum blast into our men’s innards, are felched out and swapped back and forth until they disappear. Ya want cum? It’s EVERYWHERE!

Self suckin’ Austin Shadow shoots 4 loads, then hops in the sling and jacks off into his own mouth while the rest of our men are standing around pissing on him. Fuck! I popped another nut right on the spot.

So what’ll you have, buddy? Cocks? On the rocks? Make it a double, you say? Are ya sure you can handle it? One shot and you’ll be on your ass…or on someone else’s…guaranteed. This flick is not to be missed.

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