Balls Deep


CAST: Kevin, JD, Peto Coast, Darko, David Andrejz, RR, JS, JB, Honza, Thomas

SCENE 1: Hook Up

DESC: Kevin hits the streets and hunts down a hot young cocksucker to get his way with.

SCENE 2: David Gets Filled by Darko & Peto Coast

DESC: Peto Coast and Darko were hanging out and chatting away on their cell phones when they saw a guy perving at them from his apartment window. It was obvious the guy perving wanted to get pumped so he left his door unlocked knowing the men had started walking towards his apartment. He dropped on all fours and was fucked nice hard and deep by both men.

SCENE 3: GLory Hole 2

DESC: A milker of dicks and juice in the underbelly of Paris. SCENE 4: Thomas Gets Plowed & Filled Up by Honza DESC: Honza was on his way home after meeting up for a chat with a friend. As he was walking he couldnt help but notice this very cute guy looking directly at him. Honza embraced the concept and made sure he starred straight back at him. It was obvious what both men wanted. Honza got plowed by a nice 8″ cock and went home with a big smile…

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