Beat It Raw!

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HandyMEN is back in business with a whole new crew for the sequel to the urban classic, Beat It Up! This time they are assigned to get our studio ready for a big move, and when they don’t get it done to Remy’s satisfaction all hell breaks loose! It’s a big job so they brought twice as many dudes than before, which means Remy ends up having to pay twice as much! And if that ain’t enough, when boss Tony Rock finds them fucking on the job he takes it out on Remy’s ass – literally and figuratively – by giving him his thick as fuck 13″ log. He even makes new worker Hotrod join in on Remy’s punishment. And in an alternate ending Remy gets the last laugh (and nut) when he takes worker Phoenix home and fills him with 9 plus inches of pipe! By the end of the day, over 100 inches of hard black dick gets slung in this epic black on black gangbang!

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