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What happens when you put five horny Bruthas who love raw dick and ass on a boat for an afternoon tour on the river…A HARDCORE RAW FUNKIN’ ORGY! We spent months finding a secluded outdoor location where we could film and the day of the shoot there was a forecast of thunderstorms and heavy rain…great! We decide the show must go on and hit the waters. Well, you know how nasty the Breed is…these kats couldn’t even wait until we got to the location to start fucking around. I grabbed a camera and started capturing the action. So here I am climbing around a moving boot slipping, sliding, and filming! Add to this one more catch…the boat was a rental and we totally forgot about the captain until my camera panned the back. I was ready to tell the dudes to chill until I noticed the smile on his face so all bets were off; and needless to say, we never made it off the boat. Get ready for a wild water ride and CUM CRUISIN!

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