Da Notorious R.A.W.

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In this game there will always be triflin’ muthafuckas tryin’ to bite your style.Usually we ignore them kats but every now and then you gotta put bitches in their place!Instead of giving a lot of lip service about who we are and what we doing… and wasting spit kissing our own dicks… we just put out the HOTFUCKINNASTYDOPEASSSHIT and let the sex speak for itself.And apparently y’all like what you see because you keep cummin’ back for more and WE GOT A WHOLE LOT MORE TO GIVE!We can bring da shit any way necessary but we don’t always need concepts, stories and themes to deliver some of the RAWEST OF RAW FUCKIN’ you will ever see onscreen.DA NOTORIOUS R.A.W. takes it back to basics and still brings it to the next level.This flick is just us hittin’ the NY streets with some of the freakiest Bruthas in the biz and lettin’ them do what comes naturally.From Marc Dupree gettin’ both his holes hijacked by Ice and Woo — to Hotrod and Jordan Stone attacking each other with over a foot of pipe apiece in the most dick-filled flip flop on film!This movie ain’t nothin’ nice… IT’S NOTORIOUS!

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