Eric In The Raw


Replete with mischief, cruising and debauchery, Eric’s premier DVD release takes you on an international sexual journey like no other. From raw loads cruising an abandoned warehouse site to hunting down a fuck in the dark alleyways of Prague to hitchhiking for a raw ride on a deserted desert highway in California.SCENE 1: Cum Feast Olivier arrives to a local cruising ground looking to have his sexual needs met. From a distance he can see two hot studs with huge dicks jerking off. Olivier walks towards the two to ask if he can join in the chaos. As he gets in between the two men jerking they grab a hold of him and both have turns fucking him.SCENE 2: Hook Up Kevin hits the streets and hunts down a hot young cocksucker to get his way with.SCENE 3: Hitchhiking Sluts The last train to LA was gone and Derek was left with no choice but to hitch hike his way to L.A. Within minutes he saw a car pull up and was picked up by three hot horny hung hunks including Antonio Biaggi. The hot desert heat just got a whole lot hotter….SCENE 4: Franco Gets Loaded by Two Straight Guys When two straight guys get upto mischief, one can only imagine what they would get upto. In this situation they found a subway and waited to find the third addition. Steppin off the train and walking through the subway, Franco was made the target and became the third. He ended up on all fours, getting pounded and filled up. Ouch!.

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