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Glory Hole Pigs

CONTENTS: Glory Hole Action, Wet Action, Cum Eating, Leather, Hung Men and more Psss than you can imagine, pig! This video is all about big dicked, hard muscled studs giving and sucking body fluids through glory holes. On a ship in the Caribbean (Well OK, if you want to split hairs, it was filmed at Bob Jones’s studio in San Francisco), Marc Hamilton, Patrick Stone, Mac Darwin, Hugh Jorgan, Adam Finland and the other sailors unload major wet loads for each other through the glory holes in the first part of this soaked high seas adventure. These men spew gallons and soak each others’ hot, horny bodies down. Then each takes turns sucking off huge spewing cocks in another glory hole: one after the other, sometimes two and three at a time, . “PURE SEX: A DICK, A MOUTH AND A HOLE UNITING THEM…HOT!” There isn’t any introduction needed, just a huge hard cock poking through a hole in a wall and a thirsty pig on the other side ready to service it. Every pig fantasizes about Glory Holes. It's man-sex reduced to its hottest and most basic form. This film captures it all on tape. When these pigs are done guzzling, they suck cum blasts right out of each other’s massive cocks, gobbling up every last drop of hot sperm. “THESE PIGS LAP UP EVERY LAST DROP OF HOT SPERM” In a very hot glory hole back on land, Will P. Formen soaks himself down, then sucks every drop out of the cock of muscle boy Scott Logan. Equally hot action is captured when buff, swarthy Hugh Jorgan sticks his fat 9-incher through the hole to get serviced by these pigs. Mac Darwin’s 5-minute-long pressure washing of Mark Hamilton’s hot body will blow your mind. And Hamilton sucking what's left from Mac Darwin's boots and the bathroom stall floor will send you over the edge.