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Enter the world of ultimate male sexual exploration…the HOLE world. The world of men who take it to the edge, then a little further, then a lot further, and never look back. Men like Bud, whose skin is a canvas for the art of tattoo, and whose ever-stretching asshole is a canvas for the expression of man’s potential for excruciating pleasure, from fists, arms, and an array of dildos (including one shaped like a foot and leg). Men like Liam Reed, with a cock as thick as a man’s wrist, and a wrist as thick as a baseball bat…both of which reach safe harbor in men’s buttholes, and bring them to howling sexual peaks. Men like Dan Dirk, whose gutteral moaning and ecstatic squeals epitomize the unique music of a man in heat, taking a man’s cock and a man’s fist in a man’s HOLE. A man’s alpha and omega are his cock and his asshole, so HOLE presents over two hours of men celebrating the Greek alphabet. Your cock and your asshole will expand as you watch these twelve explorers expand their sexual boundaries. HOLE is raw lust, raw passion…raw ass fucking and raw fisting. The only latex you’ll see in HOLE is the numerous dildos shoved into the throbbing assholes of Bud, Nordsee and Xof. Otherwise, it’s hot skin-on-skin, as Liam barebacks Dan and Tyson, and is barebacked by Brett, a muscular tattooed god with a fu manchu mustache; and wiry Jack Stuart barebacks Nordsee, before and after blatting all over him. But the outstanding raw action in HOLE is fist-fucking. If HOLE weren’t already the perfect title, this video fist-fest could have been called WAR OF THE ROSEBUDS, or maybe A FISTFUL OF HOLLERS. Fisting aficionados (fistionados?) will revel in scene after scene of men pleasuring men with fists, wrists and arms, often just a hair’s breadth away from the elbow. Watch as Nordsee pushes out his manly rosebud and begs Tyson to “Fist my ass! Yeah, fist my ass!” Feel your own ass twitch as Jack fists Nordsee and Dan side by side, first on their knees and then on their backs, while Nordsee moans and Dan yowls, “Fist me! Fist me! More, yeah, more!” Stretch your butthole with your favorite dildo as you relive that tough and tender first time with Daddy, while Dex Harden puts Steve Pierce through his paces: “Jump on it, fucker!” “Can I cum, sir?” “Let me hear you scream, boy!” “Fuck, I love you, sir, please don’t stop!” “I ain’t gonna fuckin’ stop till you blow your piece of shit load!” “Oh, fuck! Daddy! Daddy!” “I’m so proud of you.” (There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing the cum fly out of your boy’s painfully swollen cock as you punch it out through his ass.) You’ll replay in your mind (between whiffs of poppers) all the fisting and dildo action between Bud and Xof, and Bud’s fisting three-way with Guns and Jason Davis (maybe even repeat Jason’s closing benediction – “Fuck, yeah, my brothers!”), while you’re in the sling at your next fuck party, taking fist after fist as you seek the ultimate sexual man-to-man connection. Because the only logical conclusion you can reach after viewing HOLE is that either you’ve been missing something, or else it’s time for more. And don’t forget a bathroom break – Dick Wadd sure doesn’t in HOLE. In addition to the blatting in the fuck and fist scenes, there are four “Bathroom Breaks” in the men’s room of your dreams – two exposed urinals, with guys ignoring them completely in favor of using each other and themselves. Tongues to the floor, men! Nature abhors a vacuum. A hole is hunger. Dick Wadd’s HOLE will satisfy the deepest, darkest hunger in you.