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SUMMARY: Aiden Ward, Alex Meyer, and Jacen Zhu are horned up and hard, ready to summon a bottom from the pits of hell. Who emerges from the depths of the underworld but punked-out demon spawn Dexx. "I am hole," he declares, before being put to work sucking the 3 huge hard cocks. A sinful orgy of satanic proportions ensues. This new RFC arrival shows off his skills again, taking on Dom Daddy Tyler Roberts and his massive meat, but it’s  slender young fuck boy Derek Cline who steals the show, taking on 5 leather daddy tops in a dungeon Gang Bang. CAST: Dexx, Tyler Roberts, Aiden Ward, Alex Meyer, Jacen Zhu, Derek Cline, Julian Torres, Jack Andy, Scott Demarco, AJ Marshall, and Jake Marshall.