I’m Not Gay But…


It’s the classic bait and switch of gay porn. Entice a couple of straight guys up to the “studio” for a hot shoot with some bodacious babes. Get a call that the girls walked out, moan that you all need to make some money and offer them double to go gay-for-pay. It’s the oldest trick in the book. How do these guys keep falling for it? But of course, we’re glad they do. In these gonzo scenes, the filmmaker doesn’t even have straight porn around to help the guys to get off. What a concept, they gotta do each other to get hard or not get paid at all! Most of the studs are from Michigan, so draw your own conclusions. Remember the great film, The Sting? This is the gay porn version. It’s all about the con, the mark, the set-up, and the sting. But the payoff here is seeing hot straight boys get naked, get hard, and lose their gay cherry, with streams of hot cum punctuating each episode

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