Street Breeders


CAST: Alexis, Wesley, Kevin, Jesus, Bruno, Darko, David Andrejz, Tahar, Phillippe, Jose.

SCENE 1: Jacked Up & A Fan of Twinks

DESC: Alexis and Wesley wanted a 3way so they cruised Kevin, 6’2 of muscles. But the one who took all the loads isn’t necessarily the one you suspect…

SCENE 2: Jesus & Bruno Share Their Cum on the Way to the Beach

DESC: Jesus was hanging out by the beach, he crossed by a parking place where Bruno was grabbing his cock watching him. the 2 sexy guys went to another place to suck and fuck each other before giving big loads of juice in the mouth and ass of each other.

SCENE 3: David Andrejz Gets Filled Up By Darko

DESC: David Andrzej was a handsome man who had a wild dream that involved Darko riding his ass and getting fucked by his huge dick. They say dreams come true, and thats exactrly what happened last month while he was visiting Paris. What he though was a sweet dream turned into a moaning and groaning beautiful nightmare.

SCENE 4: A Full Day Part 1

DESC: Philippe and Tahar were on their way back from a party and caught the first morning light, they went hanging along the river where they fucked. But, those two never get enough and Philippe brought the Arab stud home to get plowed some more; Tahar then invited a third guy…

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